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Secure File Transfer

Today, more and more organizations are investing in managed file transfer products to enhance or replace traditional file transfer protocol (FTP). SVC’s File Transfer Management solutions enable you to manage your growth, remove the risk of security breaches, automate your business operations, and deliver a higher level of service for all file transfers that drive your business.

SVC can help you take action to protect all your business data by establishing best practices for secure file transfer while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements in the future. SVC will help you:

  • Assess your current secure file transfer infrastructure to ensure that it:
    • Permits appropriate security enforcement now and as security standards evolve.
    • Enables enforcement of security policies across your organization and with partners, suppliers and customers.
    • Allows your file transfer operations to fit naturally within the enterprise security policies you establish.
    • Provides support for higher security levels, such as proxy-based security, authentication and configurable encryption.
  • Implement a standardized, repeatable process for secure file transfer that provides documentation and ongoing support.
  • Provide a predictable and comprehensive end-to-end audit trail through detailed tracking and logging of all file transfer operations. FTP, for example, can only show bytes transferred and the transfer rate calculation from the client’s perspective.
  • Centralize visibility into every aspect of file transfer with easy-to-use reporting capabilities.
  • Define service-level criteria to manage established SLAs.
  • Monitor for events and non-events. For example, failed or omitted file transfers might go unnoticed if you can’t monitor for non-events.
  • Ensure the ability to proactively respond, diagnose and repair failures.