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Job Scheduling

SVC’s Job Scheduler solution can automate, plan and control the processing of entire enterprise-wide production workloads. It functions as a virtual control point and "automatic driver" for enterprise-wide production workloads to maximize workload speed and optimize capacity use of IT resources, while allowing you to intervene manually, if required.

Job Scheduler allows planning for hundreds of thousands of batch jobs, resolves interdependencies and launches and tracks each job. Business continuity and integrity is provided by a hot standby architecture, alternate workstation definition and backup plans. 

Besides batch jobs, workload automation can be extended to ERP applications. You will be able to support business goals and service levels by driving ERP workloads, such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft, according to business policies that support business continuity and service level targets.

Job Scheduler will help you move from a static workload view to a fully automated, dynamic, service-driven environment that supports calendar-based and event-based workload automation

Job Scheduler, SVC can help you optimize resource use with workload brokering features that help ensure that, when one resource fails or slows, the software can automatically route workloads to better-performing resources, helping you optimize hardware and software utilization

Increase resiliency across the infrastructure with 
Job Scheduler’s fault-tolerant features such as automatic notification, recovery and restart for failed workloads.

You will easily scale to meet workload demands and add additional applications as needed to increase responsiveness to the business.

Job Scheduler will help you increase efficiency and productivity by automatically resolving workload dependencies to ensure continuity in complex environments using composite applications for business services

Job Scheduler includes monitoring and reporting of workload execution. Identification of errors and allows immediate remedy action. You can select an alternate path of job execution in case of abnormalities.

Job Scheduler can model workloads prior to production with a robust planning engine. With it, you can test performance prior to running workloads in production.