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Application Life-Cycle Management

SVC is pleased to offer superior, innovative solutions for Application Lifecycle Management. They provide a unique, holistic approach that solves the problem of controlling change across departments, people, and tech¬nologies that in the past have operated in isolation. Broader than change management, per se, a “change governance” strategy is enterprise-wide, based on end-to-end process integration. Change governance solutions offered by SVC allow organizations to:

  • Visualize the impact of proposed changes
  • Orchestrate appropriate processes and policies to successfully incorporate and address the entire array of changes that might impact a project
  • Enforce adoption of these processes and best practices across the enterprise to ensure outcomes that meet the needs of the business and that are fully auditable

SVC provides proven, industry-leading solutions for both mainframe and distributed development. We offer the broadest possible platform neutrality, including operating systems, databases, servers, languages, browsers, and more.

IT must consistently correlate, assess, and execute change requests in light of business criteria. SVC’s solutions facilitate the pro¬cess of soliciting, capturing, organizing, and, most importantly, maintaining visibility into business needs from all stakeholders during the lifecycle. SVC can apply a solution for you in which requirements management is tightly integrated with change and configuration management through a single data store, permitting full visibility and traceability.

One such solution provides a macroscopic view of the portfolio of projects at hand. Such visibility - before, during, and after - is invaluable. It includes profitability charts, as well as demand vs. capacity to help better allocate and focus resources to where they are most needed.

Another available solution closely adheres to the standards dictated by best practices like CMMI for Maturity Model; ITIL for Process problem resolution; SLA and defect tracking and PMBOK for project management.

SVC continues to champion new ways forward for greater and better adoption of technology and standards that benefit the industry and the business community as a whole.